References, letters and pictures from Wonderful People that have given loving homes to my kittens! Thank you we love to see them grow and be so happy!


     My husband and I purchased our first Bengals prior to finding Bishops Bengals.  We did not understand the importance of breeders’ testing for HCM and lost one of our cats due to HCM in the first year.  A sorrowful lesson that made us much more careful in selecting the breeder for our next kitten.
     We chose Karen at Bishops Bengals.  The difference in the kitten was nothing short of startling. Bishops Bengals are the epitome of everything you read about the breed.  Gorgeous, athletic, intelligent, curious and wants to be part of everything the family is doing.
     Our kitten was extremely well socialized and very confident even the first day we brought him home.  He was clearly accustomed to having his nails clipped because he never yanks his paws away or gets nervous.  He has a great capacity to entertain himself with his toys but also loves games that interact with us.  His favorite is to play fetch with his spiral toy which he will bring it back to us over and over again as long as we keep throwing it.

     I was fortunate to live close enough to Bishops Bengals to pick up our kitten in person and see Karen’s home as well as the area for mother cats and kittens.  Karen has a home full of love for animals!  There were both dogs and cats happily gamboling in the house and yard, all very social.  The area for the mother cats and kittens was amazing.  Each mother cat and her kittens had their own large room (like a small bedroom!). Each room has cat doors to other rooms that can be opened as the kittens get older and start exploring.  There are cat walkways on the walls and plentiful toys. Lots of activity for a growing kitten!

 Your Bishops Bengals kitten will:

 ·      have beautiful rosettes (versus spots)

 ·      be strong and healthy due to the high-quality food fed during the important formative months

 ·      be well socialized

 ·      be accustomed to having his/her nails clipped

 ·      bring you lots of fun and entertainment!
 We were so impressed with our Bishops Bengals kitten that we just purchased another one!
 I did not receive a discount or any type of incentive for this review.    -Wendy

Youtube Videos sent from my clients of their cats!

We had a Bengal cat about 15 years ago that passed due to old age.  He was always on the prowl, into everything and always with us.  Very social and loving all wrapped up into one package.  My wife and I began looking for another Bengal cat about 1 year ago.  We came across Karen's site (Bishop Bengals) and was immediately drawn to her cats because they were absolutely stunning!  After speaking with Karen we found that she skimps on nothing, produces the best cats around and has many years of dedication into her hobby. After purchasing our first cat (Cooper) we realized he was everything we had hoped for, beautiful, social, friendly, playful and always with us. I believe Karen has not only mastered the development of there beauty but there typical demeanor and personality that a Bengal should exhibit. Although we have other cats we felt Cooper would enjoy another playmate from Karen. We fell in love with a little baby girl and brought her home about month ago (Lucy).  Within couple days Cooper and  Lucy were the best of friends. They sleep together, play together and have turned into wonderful companions, not to mention it is so fun to watch them play!  They both love water, play fetch, love high places, are very curious and love each other!  We have two dogs and 3 other cats and they get along with all of them.  They even play with my 100 pound lab!  I have come to believe the only thing better than a Bishop Bengal is two Bengals.  So fun!  Oh, and one more thing, Karen has been great.  Always answers our questions and provides any guidance we may need. You can tell she love her cats and this breed!  Thank you so much Karen. We love and enjoy them both!  George and Aimee