Our kittens are bred to exemplify the Bengal Breed. We pride ourselves in producing only the best possible through quality lines and strive to maintain and enhance disposition and composition in our Bengal kittens.


SIRE:  KOPPIEKATZ CRUZ, SON OF THE AMAZING KANPUR ORION, who was exported to CHINA.  Cruz is a truly stunning cat with a SUPER MELLOW, CALM, SWEET, personality.  HE is large and handsome.  He has “STUNNING” clouded rosettes.  

DAM:  The Dam of this gorgeous girl is BISHOPSBENGALS VALENTINA, FULL SISTER to the beautiful RW (REGIONAL WINNER)  QGC (QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION) BISHOPSBENGALS VALENTINO of KOPPIEKATZ,     who was also awarded the BREEDER VISION AWARD in 2016 from JEAN MILLS herself, the woman who developed the Bengal breed.  :)  Valentina has the tightest coat we have ever seen, its like mink, no fuzzies ever.  She has dramatic markings and is simply stunning.

THIS Incredible GIRL was born on March 29th, 2017.  She is currently 15 weeks old.  

IF someone is looking for the best female kitten I have as a PET, we are willing to sell her for that.  Her pet price, which means she MUST be spayed per contract by 6 months old,  is $2500.00.

If someone is looking to add a top female to their breeding program we are open to hearing about your cattery and program to consider if that would be a good home for her.  (Our breeding cat prices are firm and start at $3500).  If we didn't have two of her full sisters at Bishops Bengals already (on our website, BishopsBengals JAGUARA and BISHOPSBENGALS ARIA) we would definetly LOVE to have her stay here.  But considering we already have her two full sisters we are willing to offer her to an incredible home.  
This kitten is highly socialized in our home.  She lives in our house with her other kitten friend, Sirrus, and also our five dogs (all size dogs from a large German Shepard to our small 9 pound Shitzu).  She is used to our rescue Calico CECE and our female pet Bengal Marcy.  She is used to vacuums, home sounds, TV’s.  There is nothing she hasnt been exposed to.  She will be a GORGEOUS addition to a wonderful household and a joy to look at for years to come.  She is quiet and calm and loves to play with her friends.   Simply put, this kitten has it all.  If you are looking for the most beautiful female cat available in the Bengal Breed today, you have found her.

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BishopsBengals Valentina

**Full sister to RW QGC BishopsBengals Valentino of Koppiekatz who won 2016 Best brown (black) spotted tabby Bengal of the year- So. Cal. ExoTICA Cat Club 2016  Jean Mill Vision Award    BEST MALE BENGAL ** 

Sire of Litter is Koppiekatz Cruz
Born March 29th, 2017 

Available Kittens

These are high show quality kittens. Tight pelts, shocking black rosettes with a beautiful contrast. Both sides are marked stunningly. These kittens exuded what Bishops Bengals has worked over 20 years to produce. Quite calm and as beautiful as they come and ready to be loved in their new home.

Our Kittens are priced individually after evaluation.

Quality Pet: $1200.+
Top Quality Pet: $1500.+

Show Quality Pet: $2500.+
Top Show Quality Bengal Kittens Sold For Breeding: $3500.+

All kittens sold as pets must be altered per contract.
Registration papers are held until proof of alteration.
Bengal Kittens are not held without a deposit and a contract.

All breeding Bengal cats at Bishops Bengals are HCM checked "NEGATIVE" We take pride in the fact that our kittens are raised in our home with a lot of love and attention. They are raised with dogs of all sizes along with other cats and have a lot of activity and noise around them. We love our cats and kittens and make them our top priority. No expense is spared for their care, feeding and well being. We are proud of our 20 years of breeding top of the line Bengal cats and we are excited to share our love for them with you!