Delivery of Kittens

We do have the ability to offer delivery and transportation for your kitten with full time accompaniment depending on time and place of delivery. Please contact us if you are interested in our delivery or elite delivery options for your kitten so that you can assure safe and comfortable travel arrangements for your new family member and to ease your mind and provide the convenience of your kitten being delivered right to its new home. 

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All breeding Bengal cats at Bishops Bengals are HCM checked "NEGATIVE" We take pride in the fact that our kittens are raised in our home with a lot of love and attention. They are raised with dogs of all sizes along with other cats and have a lot of activity and noise around them. We love our cats and kittens and make them our top priority. No expense is spared for their care, feeding and well being. We are proud of our 20 years of breeding top of the line Bengal cats and we are excited to share our love for them with you!

 These are high show quality kittens. Tight pelts, shocking black rosettes with a beautiful contrast. Our kittens exuded what Bishops Bengals has worked over 20 years to produce. 

**We offer a limited selection of elite kittens per year. If you are wanting a Bishops Bengal, placing yourself on the waiting list is the best option. You will be notified when a litter will be arriving. We have limited our breeding program down to our top cats and are being very selective with our breeding to ensure that we are producing quality, not quantity, providing you with top quality kittens while not over producing the breed.**

Our Kittens are priced individually after evaluation.

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Top Show Quality Bengal Kittens Sold For Breeding

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Available Bengal Kittens

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Be sure to get on our waiting list for upcoming litters and to be informed on upcoming arrivals!

A kitten raised by Bengal breeders

All kittens sold as pets must be altered per contract. Registration papers are held until proof of alteration.

Bengal Kittens are not held without a deposit and a contract.

Our Bengal kittens are bred to exemplify the Bengal cat Breed. We pride ourselves in producing only the best possible through quality lines and strive to maintain and enhance disposition and composition in our Bengal kittens.