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One of the Most Outstanding Collections of Top of the Line Bengal Cats World Wide

Bishops Bengals is a small cattery with selective Bengal cat breeders. We breed and sell Bengal cats for you and others. If you are looking for Bengal kittens for sale, Bishops Bengals has the selection necessary to match you with the ideal Bengal kitten.

 World Class Bengals since 1996

San Luis Obispo California

Licensed Hobby Breeder Permit Number U20-024977

Over 20 years


Breeding Excellence

-Over 20 Years Of Breeding Excellence of Bengal Cats-

Our cattery is a top of the line facility to ensure the comfort of our cats. Settled in the beautiful San Luis Obispo county we aim to raise the best Bengals in the world.

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Bengal cats are an excellent breed of cat for a variety of people. Bengals have a pelt-like coat, which is dense and soft. The coat of Bengals is a result of their careful breeding from hybrids of domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat. The Bengals can even have glittered coats in bright light.

The coats of Bengals are sometimes considered hypoallergenic. The pelt-like nature of the coat can make the Bengals easier for individuals with some form of cat allergies.

We focus on leopard spotted Bengals. These cats are highly intelligent and often explore areas throughout your home. Bengals are confident and involve themselves in your family activities. They aren’t afraid of large groups and are often curious cats.

Bengals move around and love to interact with you and other humans. Some Bengals also love water and love to climb, so if you’re looking for an adventurous cat to accompany you, a Bengal cat is a fantastic choice.


Since 1996, we have carefully selected cats from the top bloodlines to breed our Bengal kittens. All of our cats are loved and raised with individualized attention. We strive to socialize our Bengal kittens to be incredible companions.

Come to Bishops Bengals for Bengal kittens for sale. Call 805.423.3141 to add a Bengal cat to your home.

We are excited to announce, Tara Warren, is joining our Bishops Bengals family!  

Over the past 5 years Karen has been mentoring her assistant, Tara Warren, to insure that her constant commitment to the excellence of breeding the Bengal Cat Breed carries on after her retirement and is excited to see Bishops Bengals continued growth with Tara and Travis and family taking the helm and carrying on the Bishops Bengals name and breeding excellence!  


Our Bengal Cat Collection

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We offer a limited selection of elite kittens per year. If you are wanting a Bishops Bengal, placing yourself on the Waiting List  is the best option. You will be notified when a litter will be arriving.

We have limited our breeding program down to our top cats and are being very selective with our breeding

to ensure that we are producing quality, not quantity, providing you with top quality kittens while being sensitive to not over producing the breed and focused only on enhancing it.

Discover Bengal Cats

Our Queens and Stud Cats carry top of the line pedigrees with champion lines and are carefully selected to  produce only the best before placed in our breeding program.

We offer quality kittens that exemplify the Bengal breed. By accumulating 20 years of breeding experience and  champion lines we are able to provide some of the best kittens in the industry.

Bengal Kittens for Sale

Bishops Bengals -Tara Warren  (805)423-3141

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